Tending the Feminine Psyche Goes to Greece!

A Soul-filled, Life-Changing Experience

at the Birthplace of the Healing Arts

September 10-17, 2022

A Workshop Retreat to Transform your
Personal & Professional Life

Discover ancient ways of knowing that can usher in a new consciousness and healing for these modern times.


Led by:


Anita Johnston, Ph.D.


Come Journey with us to…

Epidaurus, the birthplace of the healing sciences and arts. As far back as 400 BC people came here for cures ranging from brain surgery to dream therapy, millennia before this knowledge was re-discovered by the modern world. We’ll visit the great amphitheater (where therapeutic dramas unfolded) at the Aesclipean, dream sanctuary, with track and fitness field, banquet halls and baths where the ancients came in search of healing.

A Transformational, Soulful & Mythical Journey

This exquisite retreat is for all women open to expanding their experience of the ancient Feminine oracles and archetypes, and the messages that are emerging for us now, individually and collectively.

Through our storytelling, the Myth of the Nine Greek Muses will infuse a new understanding of the imagination and a new level of creativity into your life. We will explore themes about cosmology, and consciousness philosophies, many of which originated within the Greek civilizations we will be learning about as we hike, swim, boat and traveling through their ancient islands.

We have only 16 spots in this intimate retreat, so explore this itinerary, including the questions and answers described below…


Dwelling in a grand stone manor house, situated in a 400 acre private agricultural estate, eating organic vegetables and fruits, strolling through its vast orchards, vineyards, forest paths, and mountain perches, where you will hear the distant ring of nomadic goat bells, smell the wild herbs that are crushed under your feet. By day, share a quiet reflection with a 2,500 year-old olive tree that has witnessed the journey of humankind from that golden period until today. At night, you will see more stars than you ever thought existed…


Pristine beaches along the coast, and swimming amid the Sunken City, the submerged parts of an ancient Greek settlement from 5,000 years ago, whose ruins can be seen by snorkeling in the crystal clear, warm shallow waters.


Visiting fishing villages and nearby islands…


Hydra, the unspoiled, beautiful port village island where poet/song-writer, Leonard Cohen, lived with his muse, Marianne, and wrote many of his most famous songs. No cars or motor vehicles, just water taxis, mules and donkeys on this stunning little paradise.


Spetses, with its beautiful beaches and sea side villas, was once the epicenter of the Greek spice trade, and is filled with charming cafés serving traditional Greek food. Explore the little alleys and look out for the charming black and white pebble mosaics which decorate house courtyards and focus on maritime themes such as frigates, mermaids, octopuses, billowing sails and anchors.


Poros, where the ancient god Poseidon was worshipped, is known as the “green” island because of the pine trees covering the small hills and beaches. The town with fabulous restaurants and charming shops, is built on a small hill overlooking picturesque marinas for yachts and boats.

Travel With Ease!

All you need is your passport and your vaccination card…

Once you arrive at Athens Airport all your needs will be taken care of: food, lodging, and transportation.

Afternoon Adventures await you!

Every day we’ll visit nearby islands each with their own charm, beaches with sunken cities, castles, an 11th Century still operating monastery, ancient kingdoms and healing centers, fishing villages, and Greek tavernas.

Immersion in Evening Teachings & Musing

Evenings will bring tellings of ancient Greek myths that hold deep teachings about the nature of our Being, weaving together ancient symbols and modern insights. You will be helped to claim your role as the story-writer of your own soul’s journey.


Feast on Nature’s organic bounty!

All natural, organic meats, fish, and vegetables locally grown in the estate gardens await you. Dine in authentic Greek tavernas, that offer not only the atmosphere of a by-gone time, but whose spirited hospitality, and rustic Mediterranean cuisine will charm you to your core.


The High Groves Estate…

located 1 ½ hours by car from Athens, amid numerous prominent ancient sites, just a 15 minute drive from the twin seaside villages of Ancient and New Epidaurus. It combines privacy and seclusion, with accessibility to the sea, to Athens, and to many of Greece’s most important ancient sites, including the Theatres and Asclepion of Epidaurus, Mycenae, Tyrinth, Corinth, Argos, Olympia, Nemea, Delphi, and the Palamidi Castle at Nauplion. 

High Groves is a peaceful, tranquil 400 acre private country estate which combines luxury with simplicity, and rustic elegance with every modern simplicity. Extensive verandas and a covered Loggia overlook the entire valley, the flower and herb gardens, and a stunning heated swimming pool. 


The Manor House is located on a hillside, with commanding views of the valley and of distant mountain ranges…

The drawing room and dining room boast cathedral ceilings, with exposed beams. A massive marble fireplace presides over the Drawing Room, and an elegant stone fireplace accents the Library. Bedrooms are very spacious. Only double occupancy is available.

Workshop Leaders

Anita Johnston, Ph.D.

Author of Eating in the Light of the Moon, and co-creator of the online workbook, Light of the Moon Café, Anita is a meta-translator, connecting women across the world to their ancient roots, where healing messages can be found alive in mythology, dreams, ritual and nature. She weaves ancient Greek mythology, depth Psychology, and cosmic storytelling to help us connect to the essence of who we really are, so we can claim our destiny.

Francie White, MA, Ph.D. 

Has been integrating consciousness, the deep feminine and archetypal psychology into her treatment of eating disorders for decades. Francie, is a theorist, with a Ph.D. in philosophy focusing on the cosmology of consciousness and physics. She created Tending the Feminine Psyche retreat workshops, where for decades women connect on a soul level with the ancient past and the stunning beauty of nature while receiving illuminating wisdom to inform and enrich their lives.


If you’d like to discuss details of this retreat or have any questions, please contact Francie at info@franciewhite.com or Anita at anita@dranitajohnston.com.


September 10-17, 2022

Due to the limited availability of rooms and advance payments for food and transportation, no refunds are accepted after July 15th, 2022 unless we can find a replacement for your spot.




paid in full, payment plans available

includes all meals, excursions, and transportation except airfare to Athens 


Payment via PayPal

Pay in Full:


($3,475 total, due by May 1st, 2022)

2 Payments of:


(First payment by May 1, second payment due by June 15th 2022)

3 Payments of:


(First payment by May 1, second payment by June 15, third payment by July 15 2022)

More Details

A few more bits of information and details about the retreat…


Dates: September 10-17, 2022

Plan on arriving to Athens airport on or by September 10 as early as possible. We will travel as a group from there to High Groves which is a one and a half hour drive.

Please plan on being immersed during the retreat days, however, you will have the early mornings and evenings for some down time.

Because most flights out of Athens are mid day, we will be leaving for the airport on the morning of September 17.


Travel to Athens Airport, and from there we will provide all water taxis, and van transportation for excursions.


Yes, our villa has wifi that is available to all guests.


Because we have to pay for all expenses in advance, no refunds are available after July 17, 2022, unless we are able to find a replacement for your spot. If we are able to find a replacement, you will be refunded everything minus an administrative fee of $250.00.


If you’d like to discuss details of this retreat or have any questions, please contact Francie at info@franciewhite.com or Anita at anita@dranitajohnston.com.

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