Tending the Feminine Psyche

Returns to Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, WA

April 30-May 5, 2017

Advances in Consciousness & Healing.

Combining the Science and Spirit of Physics, Cosmology and Psychology for Professionals Treating Eating, Body Image & Related Disorders.


* 30 CEUS for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, RDs, and Educational Psychologists



As health professionals and as human beings in our own quest for life, we all are connected to the underlying mysteries of the nature of reality. Quantum scientists have made discoveries in the last century with deep philosophical and psychological implications; bringing to life ideas that humanity can barely imagine.



is a term for how we understand the deeper context we give to the Universe we live within, including a context for the meaning of our illnesses, symptoms, hardship and joy. Cosmology lends perspective. Enjoy the unique soul-lens through which our disorders can be viewed, with a bend toward informing us of the purpose & wonder inherent in life. We will use astronomy and mythologies through storytelling under the stars, to explore the ancient messages hidden within the lunar phases of birth charts.


Psychology & Nutrition

Tending the Feminine Psyche is grounded in depth psychology, with a bend toward practical application tools for individuals, groups and workshops. We stay at the cutting edge of theoretical and pragmatic approaches to nutrition, nutritional psychology and psychotherapy, as physical & mental health disorders we treat or suffer from are used as invitations toward transformative healing.


…Leave the ‘civilized world’ behind and follow Tending the Feminine Psyche directly into the enchanted mythic forests and seashores of Orcas Island. We return again to this “gem” of Washington State’s San Juan Islands…to hike, cycle, sail, learn and descend into the body & soul through yoga, massage and ingenious topics to tend your Feminine Psyche.


Doe Bay Resort

“Serenity at the Edge of the Ocean”

Doe Bay is home to our retreat, renovated since our last visit, hosting a stunning, deeply peaceful, rustic community of cabins, domes/yurts, a café, hot tub/dry-sauna, all nestled right on the sea, where the Doe Bay kayak center launches daily kayak trips. Our yoga space sits right off the ocean, awaiting our morning dance/yoga wake up. Let your body look forward to all types of massage therapies and delicious whole foods catered meals!

Kayak Trips

Offered daily
from Doe Bay, Moran State Park

One of the nation’s most beautiful, enchanted lands; 5,000 endless hiking trails, mountain biking and horseback riding, alongside several pristine lakes. Hike to the top of Mount Constitution with a spectacular view.

Moped Riding, Cycling & Activities

Orcas Island has some of the best trails in the Northwest, perfect for mountain biking, cycling and moped excursions. There is also a full and exciting events calendar to keep you entertained!

Orca Whale Excursion

A boat trip to witness the Orca Whales is an unforgettable experience of the Great Northwest Sea and wildlife…

Exquisite Shops & Eateries…

Where the many local artists show their wears throughout the quaint, small towns island.

Tending the Feminine Psyche
Advances in Consciousness & Healing

Carolyn Costin, Anita Johnston & Francie White combine the Science and Spirit of Physics, Cosmology and Psychology for Professionals Treating Eating, Body Image & Related Disorders.

Course Topics

All Topics are Designed for Personal and Professional Application

30 CEUS for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, RDs, and Educational Psychologists

A Brief History of Consciousness

Never before, in the history of science, have the implications about human consciousness been so astounding, as neuroscience interfaces with quantum physics to better understand what consciousness is, and what it means for humanity. We will review the last century of discoveries which have lead to a powerful new paradigm: that The Universe is Conscious. We will discuss the implications of moving from an old paradigm, that we are alive, marooned in a sense on a planet in an otherwise ‘dead’ universe, to the realization that we are alive in a living, conscious Universe!

This topic invites a newfound inspiration and meaningful context toward life, and recovery in what can seem like a meaning-lost life.

New Theories of Consciousness & Mental Health Treatments

We know that treatment for eating disorders is rooted in psychology, medicine and nutrition. A fourth ‘dimension’ of treatment is now philosophy of consciousness theories. Grounded in recent science discoveries, learn how consciousness studies, when added to eating disorder treatment, bridge transpersonal realms with didactic science, weaving what has been deemed ‘spiritual’ into a genre of breathtaking wonder!”

How to work with and teach: Time ~ Why & How to Live in the Moment

Having Fun with the New Physics!
  • “About Time”How and Why Live in the Moment
    How our understanding of time has changed.
  • The Theory of Personal Relativity ~ Recovering Perspectives on Body Image & Self Image
    The theory of relativity was about how time and space change depending on perspective. The same is true of body & self-image! Understand how to find and hold onto true perspective in an externalized culture of social media, advertising in our competitive climate.
  • Entanglement ~ The Interrelatedness of Everything.
    Its meaning and application in our lives.
  • The Universe is Made of Light…and Energy! ~ So what does that mean for me on a Monday morning?
  • Intention & Mindfulness ~ Are these new age terms or soul-saving life guides and if so how to use them???
    Here are some mechanics of how consciousness works!
  • Binge Eating DisorderHow the Politics of Food Processing lead to Metabolic Syndrome.
    How to Unravel the forces leading to Binge Eating utilizing recent breakthroughs in metabolism and new platforms enabling major shifts in eating habits.
Perspectives in Tending the Soul : How to Thrive in Changing Political & Ecological Climates ~

“When logos fails us, we need to turn to mythos to find our way home.” Anita Johnston.

Learn how coded ancient wisdom lives within the poetry, myths and symbols we seek and guide us through turbulent times. Anita shares new insights on archetypes that connect us, as seeds to the Universe. “Oneness” becomes more than a concept…

Learn the tools to stabilize your inner life through the storms of the seeming unpredictable external world.

Perspectives in Tending A Soul: Myths and Symbols of Oneness ~ Part 2

Understand the Genius within our own symptoms, dreams, personal callings, myths. Add in a playful focus on the lunar aspects of our birth charts which describes the inherent nature of our inner life versus the solar aspect our outer self.

*(We can use astrological charts without the dogma of real “belief” in astrology. Jungian Astrology sits within a history of mythology and cosmology, and in that manner which allows playful examination of personal myths using astronomy.)

Create Your “Inner – Universe” Life Map

This inner universe mapping process illuminates hidden core beliefs and conditioned negative values, which often go unchecked in our daily life. Once exposed, the map allows the True Core Values and your Soul’s Core Beliefs to emerge. This powerful tool helps us align with a true destiny versus just following our day- to- day routine. This tool is outstanding for clients as well, especially through the mid-stages of treatment where motivation wavers.

Daily Schedule

Schedule subject to change, but will generally follow this format.

8:00 AM-9:00 AM

9:00 AM

10:00 AM-1:00 PM

1:00 PM

1:00 PM-5:30 PM

5:30 PM

7:30 PM-9:30 PM

9:30 On…

Yoga/Dance Wake Up (each day’s music and dance themes are related to the workshop themes and personal experience).

Breakfast – Personal Reflection (beach & forest time)

Sessions from Course Topics (above)


Free time for excursions (see above), body work, relaxation…you choose!

Pre-Dinner & Dinner

Soul Sessions from Course Work

Star-gazing, fireside time, hot tub/sauna, free time

Tuition & Registration

Full tuition is $1,550, which includes the cost of the curriculum and course content. Lodging, meals, travel, and additional activities are not included (please see below). Spaces are limited, so please reserve your spot today!


Please connect to the Doe Bay Resort Site and reserve your space in one of the many options available. They are offering the lodging at a 25% discount for our group.

Options include studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and multiple bedroom cabins. See their interactive map to find and reserve your lodging.

There are even yurt options for those wilder adventurous souls!

Do get your lodging right away, as Doe Bay is open to the public as well as to our workshop…

The code for online room booking to get the 25% discount for our group is: 042017


Meals will be a mixture of some catered, some on our own (with a Café on the premises), and some in restaurants in the charming villages on the island. Payment for meals will be directly between you and the caterer or restaurant, once we know which meals will be provided and which meals are on our own!

More Details

A few more bits of information and details about the retreat…


Dates: April 30-May 5, 2017

Retreat starts on April 30th with a Welcome Dinner at 6pm, and an Evening Session at 7:30 pm.


Fly to Seattle Tacoma Airport (SeaTac). Once you’ve arrived at SeaTac, a cornucopia of convenient choices awaits for launching your San Juan Islands vacation adventure.

1) Transfer to a commuter flight and enjoy the 30-minute flight over Puget Sound to Orcas Island (West Sound is the landing town on Orcas Island). Note example for Kenmore Air below—You can take a SEA-PLANE(!) or regular small plane….

2) Or, rent a car in Seattle, and drive to the Anacortes ferry landing in a couple of hours. Drive the car onto the ferry and enjoy a stunning ride to Orcas Island. Drive from the ferry to Doe Bay Resort.

3) The Airporter Shuttle/Bellair Charters offers frequent round-trip service between SeaTac Airport, downtown Seattle, and the Anacortes ferry terminal, where you’ll walk on your ferry to any of the San Juan Islands. From SeaTac, the shuttle leave from Door 00 next to baggage carousel #1. You’ll need reservations.

Kenmore Air Flights Shuttle to Orcas

No one makes getting to the San Juan Islands easier than Kenmore Air. Choose a seaplane flight from Seattle’s Lake Union or Lake Washington; or enjoy wheeled-plane service with Kenmore Air Express from Boeing Field. Kenmore Air offers regularly scheduled flights to the most popular destinations in the San Juan Islands—Your destination is Orcas Island.

Kenmore Air Express offers all-weather, year-round service to your favorite island destinations. Plus, Kenmore Air’s free Sea-Tac shuttle service connects you to the world! For fares and schedules, visit our website or give us a call. Also Westwind Aviation, Friday Harbor Seaplanes offer flights to Orcas from Seattle.

Contact Kenmore Air for more information: (866) 435-9524


Orcas Island Rental Cars, Vans & Convertibles

Starting at $59.95 a day including free delivery and retrieval anywhere on the island when you book more than 24 hours in advance. Mid size sedans, 7 passenger mini vans, 15 passenger Maxi Vans, and Convertibles. Advance reservations recommended. Available year-round. Visit our web site and check out our self-guided CD Audio Driving Tour of Orcas! As of September 2011, public and charter bus services are no longer offered by Orcas Island Shuttle. Rental Cars and the Audio Driving Tour will continue to be offered year around. We have added 15 PASSENGER MAXI VANS to our rental van fleet to accommodate larger group transportation needs.

Orcas Island Rental Cars & Vans:
(360) 376-RIDE (7433)


For questions regarding lodging, meals, or transportation to the retreat center, you may call the Doe Bay Resort directly at (360) 376-2291.

Questions about the workshop? Email franciewhite2@gmail.com and put in the subject “ORCAS ISLAND RETREAT”

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